Video Production Tips

Video production requires great skill, experience and education to say the least. One of the main things that people often misunderstand about this field is that it can suck you in because of the intensive focus that goes in to every detail. Before you know it, you’ve skipped dinner and it’s far beyond bed time. So one must be willing and prepared to work long hours and be able to accept that some projects cannot be walked away from until they are completed.

For example, we worked with a real estate investment client in Chicago a few months ago. This company was flipping houses in the area and required a few high quality videos to post on their website depicting before and after photos, video and dubbing of the houses they were selling. After all, we thought this would be something that would demand material recorded during daylight hours.

A week in to the project, we learned that the company also hosted evening seminars and from that class they would take students to view homes for rent and for sale. They asked us if we could document the event and thus required us to work well in to the evening. This instance occurred weekly for about a month.

The thing is, after we collected the material, we had to immediately take it in to post production for some immediate TLC. This is good practice and a lesson for all the young producers and film makers out there. While the moment and feeling and vibe is fresh, we do our best work. If we were to wrap it up and go home, we wouldn’t have the same feeling and attitude towards the project and the final result would not be up to our high standards.

In summary, plan your projects with at least 1 – 3 hours of wrap up time because there will times where you will get “caught up in the moment.”

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