Marketing Your A/V Studio

As we know, you must be heard to be seen. Having an online presence is one of the essential parts of being successful in audio and video production. You cannot adapt your business properly without hiring a company for your online marketing.

We spoke to some reputable marketing agencies on the west coast, and we discussed some of the do’s and don’ts…here is what we found.

  • Social Media is step one, even before having a website. Believe it or not it is a good idea to generate a local buzz and a social media presence with your friends and family before anything else happens. After that, you can “plug” everything else in to your social media channels, like your website, your blog, your portfolio. And since you already have followers, you can funnel them over to your other platforms.
  • Website is obviously step two. There are way too many options for selecting how to build this, where to host it, where to register it and how to design and code it. Unless you have a zero marketing budget, hire a reputable company. We always use a website designer in Tulsa, OK called Direct Allied Agency. As of the time of this post, this task can usually be completed for about $1,000. And that should be your target to get great quality and have everything optimized for the internet properly.
  • Something that you should do directly after building your website is getting listed in directories. You can pay Yellow Pages or Text a monthly fee to manage this for you. This is part of SEO. Join as many clubs and associations as you can afford and have them link from their website to yours.
  • Advertising can be done in so many ways. After a few months, you may want to pay an advertising agency each month to run advertisements online for you and direct traffic to your online platforms.
  • Stay active in your social media! Post videos of you working, testimonials form your clients, images from your studio or just simply playing with the kids at the park. Let them know you’re human and position yourself as the professional in your field in the mean time.

If you have any other suggestions for marketing your studio online, please send us a message or create a comment below, we would love ton hear from you.