Stormy Weather Audio & Hi-def Adaptation Productions

We’re crazy about audio and video, plain and simple. After scouring the internet for amazing tips and tricks that can help catapult an AV production company into the stratosphere, we decided to contribute and give back all of what we’ve learned. We stay up to date on modern techniques that you can use and contribute to.

Stormy Weather is a name that was decided on one night in the post production room during massive thunderstorms in our area. During one lightning strike, some of the audio was actually captured and rendered, which was strange because we lost power. But even more strange was the fact that when we went back to look at our video, we noticed a very strange looking imprint in the film, almost like a flash, but it resembled a woman smiling. We took it as a sign.

If you need to reach out to us, feel free to email albert@swahaproductions.com

Please help us continue to provide more amazing material for students and newbies in the A/V world.

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